YouTube Music begins testing a user-friendly feature

YouTube Music, developed by Google as a competitor to digital music platforms such as Spotify and TIDAL, has started to develop a feature that will facilitate in-app navigation. The feature, which is accessible to a limited number of users, will make it easier to find the desired content. Members will be able to access their recorded music and artists in one place.

Music in the platform’s library is normally Playlists, Albums, Music and Artists was filtered according to four different options. However, this situation received feedback on the side that it made it difficult to find the sought-after content.

Library section made easy with YouTube Music

YouTube Music will now show content from the Library in search results. For example, you have saved an album or playlist of your favorite artist, if there is a music you searched in the library, you will be able to access it directly. Even YouTube only in the middle of the music in the Library section will even let you search. The filter will not include uploaded music, albums, artists.

A Reddit user who had the chance to try out the new feature of YouTube Music shared his experiences. As a disadvantage, it was stated that offline searches cannot be performed on portable devices. It was stated that when the user clicks on an album from the results list, the entire album will be opened no matter how much music is saved in the library. In addition, it was mentioned that users who only spend time with uploaded music cannot search their own playlists.

On the other hand, it was shared that the playlists that the members do not personally own will be excluded. So if you’ve saved playlists created by YouTube Music and for other parties, they won’t show up in search results. You will have to find it manually.


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