YouTube copied three features of Twitch for streamers

It is getting harder and harder to keep up with the face of the internet. While a different social media and digital content platform emerges almost every day, it is getting harder to follow. Although most of them are not noticed by anyone, some of them manage to attract attention with new features. But whether it is a large platform or a small one, there is no escape from imitation.

We’ve heard in the past that major social media platforms take features from each other. The clearest example of this is the “stories” feature that debuts for almost every platform. Firstly a Snapchat signature, the feature came to all Facebook applications over time. If now YouTube, Facebook

By following the permission of Twitch

Copied three features of .

YouTube gets new features for live streaming

YouTube is adding three new features to the platform for live-streaming creators today. The first and most striking of these is the innovation for the chat part of the broadcast. As you know, Twitch has various settings that can restrict broadcast chat for a long time. By taking this feature on YouTube, it will allow a more comfortable control in live broadcasts. Now the chat section can be limited to subscribers only.

Using the future poll feature

Another valuable innovation is the clip import feature. Again Twitch

Clips, a popular feature of , allow viewers to capture certain moments from the broadcast. Thus, while there are quite funny and entertaining moments, content that has the potential to go viral is created. The feature is currently only 1000 subscribers YouTube is open to channels. However, it is expected to come to all channels in a short time.

The third and final feature is the survey system. As you know, live broadcasts are systems based on giving the audience what they want. Therefore, it is very valuable for the publisher to stay in touch. Twitch

Bringing the survey system in to the platform YouTube aims to better interact with the audience. One-on-one polls for deciding what’s next for a breakthrough are an easy yet effective way to connect the audience to the broadcast.

So what do you think about this issue? YouTube and Twitch

Will these features of cause problems in the middle of the two platforms? You can share your views with us in the comments section.


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