Your old iPhone won’t get some iOS 15 features



iOS 15, many old ones iPhone will support the device. Unfortunately, this does not mean that all phones will receive every new feature.

The public beta version of the update has been released and is ready to install for anyone who wants to try it. iOS 14

Any device that can run is eligible for iOS15 upgrade. So iPhone 6s

(mtag101705) and 6s Plus also on your devices iOS 15

You will be able to install the version. However, these older models will not be able to take advantage of some features of iOS 15.

The features that will come with iOS 15 only change according to your iPhone model. Some iOS 15 features A12 Bionic chip or higher will require a processor.

It is only valid for newer models, but there are also a few features that are not compatible with the A12 Bionic processor. 2018 and later If you don’t have an iPhone, there are a few features you might miss.

A few features you can’t access on your old iPhone

  • In portrait mode will be able to detect fewer objects and will only blur the background, except for the main object.
  • If you have an older iPhone, people of voices coming from different directions will not have the capacity, that is, the spatial sound feature, as long as it takes effect.
  • Showing a more detailed direction in Apple Maps program on older iPhone devices AR view

    You cannot use the feature.

  • Apple will continue to improve the Maps feature, with advanced mountains, forests and other features if you use an iPhone with at least A12 Bionic processor. a nicer 3D sphere view will be included in the program.
  • Also, if you want to get more detailed city information, you need to have a newer iPhone model. You will be able to see roads, trees, valuable points and buildings in some cities thanks to this feature.
  • From unlocking your car to opening the hotel room door, supporting via iPhone many security systems you need to use it with the new generation iPhone.
  • The photos you take on your new generation phone with iOS 15 information about the object or if there is an article, you can put it in the notebook.
  • You can zoom in and out of QuickTake images, you just need to have a new iPhone device for this.
  • Siri will get even faster and will be able to detect more movement.
  • With Siri more customization you won’t be able to.
  • in an offline form with iOS 15 Siri will not be able to use.
  • Information about typos instead of dictation feature. over the network will do.
  • New generation introduced with iOS 15 Weather

    You won’t be able to have the app and stylish looking backgrounds created through graphics.

  • with iOS 15 on some AirPods models Requires at least iPhone 7 handset to control spatial audio.
  • Finally iOS 15, your walk how fixed uses some special algorithms to check if it is, but this feature is only available on iPhone 8 and higher phones.

Well, which iPhone model are you using? You can share your opinions about this limitation of iOS with us.


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