XRP Ledger Foundation Opens A New Office In Estonia

XRP Ledger Foundation announced on its Twitter account that it has opened a new office in Tellin, Estonia.

https://twitter. com/XRPLF/status/1416081790868066306

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When asked why the Estonian city of Tallin was chosen, the response was that Estonia is an innovative and advanced place for regulation with digital documentation, e-citizenship and the like.

https://twitter. com/XRPLF/status/1416105778587578372

Soon, XRPL developers are expected to come to the office in Tallin, Estonia, and start working.

The XRP Ledger Foundation was introduced in September last year as an independent organization aimed at increasing the adoption and development of XRP Ledger.

The foundation received a total grant of $6.5 million from Ripple.

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