Xiaomi’s New Foldable Phone Might Be ‘Inspired’ by Galaxy Z Flip

Last week, we encountered a patent claiming that Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has plans to make both foldable and rollable screen phones. However, it seems that this is not the only foldable phone design the company is working on. Actually, there were rumors that the company was working on 7 different designs before, and now these are being detailed.


According to a new report published Xiaomi, indeed, is working on a plan to make a foldable smartphone in wallet form. As it is known, we have seen the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as a foldable smartphone with this design form. Based on flip phone design Galaxy Z Flip, so he can face an opponent very soon.


Leaked patent information suggests that Xiaomi is also working on an outer cover combined with a dual camera setup, just like the Galaxy Z Flip, and will have a second screen to display notifications here again. While the dual rear camera module on the phone is expected to come without a telephoto lens, a wide-angle lens can be positioned instead. This is the primary camera on the phone in the middle 108MP resolution can also be.


While there is more information, large and small, in the report, of course, we cannot be sure of any of them at this level. We can share more with the patent example getting a little more mature and the phone starting to appear with concrete examples.


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