Xiaomi Develops Both Folding and Folding Phones

From the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration of the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi ( CNIPA) received a smartphone patent, which was officially published yesterday with approval. Thereupon, he created a concept design by evaluating patent documents. LetsGoDigital, which Xiaomi is working on foldable screen phone managed to show. To be frank, Xiaomi is trying something that will be talked about again.

Concept design created according to patent documents, Xiaomi’s incorrect folding reveals that he is developing a phone. Adding a control panel to the edge of Huawei’s foldable screen phone, Xiaomi detonates the real bomb on a different side. So much so that the company’s new smartphone, which is also curved from the edge and will partially cover the back part will have a screen.

The smartphone Xiaomi is working on will appear in this form

Xiaomi’s new phone patented technical specifications unknown. However, the concept design created according to the patent is on this smartphone. USB Type-C reveals that it will have an entry, that is, it can have a fast charge boost. Apart from that, the technical details we can talk about are the speaker, microphone and SIM card input.

It is interesting that there is nothing about the foldable screen phone patented by Xiaomi. no leaks. Under normal circumstances, information about such phones would be leaked early. This is Xiaomi’s project quite a lot. unknown is an indication that you are trying to execute somehow. If there is a new development regarding this phone, we will continue to convey these developments to you.


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