With Android 12, download times in games become history

Technology continues to develop at full speed. These developments are not only on the hardware side, but also on the software side. Jobs is the world’s most recognizable portable operating system. Android is no different. The constantly updated software brings new features from time to time.

If the latest version Android 12 happened. Operating system a while ago Google

It was revealed at an event organized by . Android 12, which offers important innovations especially in terms of design, attracted attention with its new features. One of the features of the word is seen on the game side. The anxiety of waiting to play the game is over.

Android 12 will let you play games without downloading

Higher internet and portable data speeds reduce waiting times while downloading applications. However, the developing technology and the fact that time is precious make these deadlines unbearable. Fortunately, studies on alternative assays are ongoing. for example WhatsApp has recently launched the feature where you can watch images without the need to download them. Another exemplary feature is Netflix’

It came to . The well-known digital streaming platform allowed subscribers to watch partially downloaded shows.

If now Google is preparing to appear in front of users with an exemplary feature. The company, which developed a new feature for portable games, Android 12 will allow you to launch a game long before it has finished downloading. The company claims that the user who downloads the application will shorten the game start time by half. So how will this be?

for example 127MB

A game of will be ready to play with only 20 percent download. The feature, which is open for developers, is currently in beta. But soon all Google Play Store will come by default in games. unfortunately only Android 12 update is expected to work on phones. It Google

It’s not the first attack by to make things easier for his players.

The technology giant has tried to break down some of the problems in front of digital games in the past. The company won the admiration of users, especially with the fast games it brought in 2018. Also, entering cloud technologies with Stadia, Google continues to be one of the most relevant technology companies in the gaming sector. Although it is not known when the new feature will arrive, it is expected to be announced soon.


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