Winner of Eventful British GP in Formula 1 Announced

While the Formula 1 season was in full swing, the British Grand Prix was held this weekend at one of the iconic tracks, Silverstone. Of course, the event that marked the weekend, where the sprint race was held for the first time, is of course. Hamilton’s intervention on Verstappen happened.

In the first variant of the race Lewis Hamilton

with Max Verstappen We were starting to see the signals that there would be an important conflict in the middle of the day, when Lewis Hamilton’s intervention, Verstappen’s Red Bull Honda was thrown into the gravel pool and stopped by hitting the rubber barriers.

Excellent ride from Leclerc

He is the youngest race-winning driver in Ferrari’s history. Charles Leclerc managed to stay at the front of the grid until the last moments of the race. Hamilton, who received a 10-second penalty after the accident, moved up to second place.

With two types remaining to the end of the race, Hamilton managed to take the lead of the race under the cheers of the British spectators. Starting from the last row for spinning in the sprint race Perez, on the other hand, stole this point from Hamilton by throwing the fastest type in the last moments of the race.

With his victory in this race, Lewis Hamilton managed to win the race after a long time. He said that he gave the pilot victory at home to those who believed in him in his group. If the pilot of the day Leclerc is selected.

The race to be discussed for a long time

With this race, the competition at the top in Formula 1 got hot again and Hamilton, Verstappen and managed to close the score gap in the middle to a significant extent. With Perez failing to score, Mercedes took one step closer to the top in the groups’ championship.

The next race of the season in Formula 1 is on 1 August. in Hungary will be done. We will host Formula 1 once again in Istanbul on 1-2-3 October.


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