Windows’ Fearful Blue Screen Changes with Windows 11!

Four days after the official Windows 11 announcement, Microsoft 22000. Released the first build for Insiders on Dev Channel with version 51. The features presented in the new compilation were reviewed by many. And in the end, we all agreed that Microsoft did not promise that the operating system would come with a major redesign.

We even learned that the Blue Screen of Death BSOD will appear in a different form in Windows 11. YouTuber Martin, the abbreviation BSOD will no longer refer to Black Screen of Death, not Blue Screen of Death.

Other than the color of the background, it doesn’t seem to be much different from the familiar image. Also, it’s hard to say whether this change will be included in the final release version of Windows 11 when it rolls out to all users later this year.

Firm featured in Insider preview build in 2016 Green Death Screen was a precedent change when it was introduced. According to Microsoft, this was done to make it easier to distinguish bugs in preview builds from recent stable releases. The Redmond dev may be applying the same logic here for the Windows 11 previews.

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