Windows 11’s DirectStorage Feature Coming to Windows 10

DirectStorage, which we talked about in detail before, was one of the most valuable features coming to Windows 11 and it was announced that it would be exclusive to this operating system. If we look at the current developments, Microsoft seems to have changed its mind.

Sarah Bond, Microsoft’s vice president of games, published an article called “the most beautiful Windows ever for gaming”. In this context, it is clearly stated that DirectStorage technology is “available only in Windows 11”.

But if we look at the recent DirectX Blog post where the developer preview of the DirectStorage API was announced, things could be very different. Hassan Uraizee explained in his article that the software development kit will be compatible with Windows 10 from versions 1909 and later.

“Microsoft is committed to making sure that when game developers adopt a new API, they reach as many players as possible. Therefore, games developed with the DirectStorage SDK (software developer kit) will be compatible with Windows 10 version 1909 and higher; just like DirectX 12 Agility SDK. ”

With DirectStorage technology, it is aimed to minimize game loading times and delay times. Working in harmony with NVMe SSDs, the DirectStorage API will also improve system performance by reducing CPU usage.

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