Who Will Voice Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers?

Introduced to the taste of players last year, but due to its shortcomings and priceMarvel’s Avengers, which has been criticized since its release, has always been adding new content and trying to correct their mistakes.

The last characters added to the ever-growing character pool of the game are those we know from the cinemas. Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. In addition to these characters, Black Panther will be added to the game last month. was announced. It was wondered who would voice the Black Panther character. Square Enix officials finally answered this question. replied.

Who will voice Black Panther?

As you know, the character of Black Panther is portrayed in the cinema. Chadwick Boseman’sthe script of the cinema due to his tragic death again time was changed. For this reason, it was a matter of curiosity who would voice Black Panther in the game. The actor who will voice Black Panther in Square Enix’s game will appear in God of War. voiced by Kratos It has been announced that he will be Christopher Judge. Judge, Star Gate and God of War World of Warcraft is an actor who has also acted in movies.

Christopher Judge, in a statement In homage to Chadwick Bosemanhe was hesitant about accepting the role because of it, but then at the insistence of his family said he accepted the offer. “ My mom and kids said they would reject me from the family if I didn’t accept the role,” said Judge, Chadwick Boseman of his performance. honors also stated that he hoped.

Marvel’s Avengers, after its failed debut, did its best to attract Marvel fans. trying to pull into the game and always continues its story with new characters.


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