Which brands are producing phones in Turkey?



The value of domestic production is increasing day by day. Works with high added value help our country both in terms of income and workforce. Technologies that appeal to almost everyone, especially smart phones, create the greatest opportunity in this field.

Covid-19 pandemic has created an important opportunity in this bet. Seeing the problems caused by focusing production in one place, smartphone manufacturers began to look for alternative regions. Turkey, which has a strategic position geographically, has gained a significant fortune in this field. Many companies preferred our country for production. Here are those brands…

Companies producing phones in Turkey

The number of brands producing phones in Turkey is increasing day by day. The biggest reason for this is the geographical position of our country and the favorable market conditions for investment. Well, which brands do domestic production in our country? We have created a list by researching the subject for you.


3rd largest phone manufacturer in the world Xiaomi, gave good news for domestic investment a while ago. The company, which started its business by establishing a factory in Avcılar in March, Turkey

It started phone production in . The Chinese technology giant, which has made an investment of 30 million dollars in our country, plans to provide employment to approximately 2 thousand people. First to domestic production Redmi 9C

(mtag101706) and 9T

starting with Xiaomi plans to increase the number of phones in the future.


China’s largest phone maker BBK

part of OPPO became one of the companies that chose our country for production. Announcing that it will manufacture in a factory with a closed area of ​​12 thousand square meters in Tuzla, the Chinese technology giant acted quickly. the first model OPPO A15s, the company said, “ Made in Turkey” and presented its second phone, Reno5 Lite, to users.



(mtag101706) and Oppo

After , the last attack supporting the domestic production movement is Realme

Came from . The company shared on its social media accounts, “ New C is coming, even native C is coming!”. However, he did not give the exact device with which device he will open. The last statement made C

It turned out to be 21. Thus, Realme took its place among the companies producing phones in Turkey.


Included in the phone manufacturing companies in Turkey TCL chose to go a different route than its competitors. Joining forces with the domestic technology company Arçelik TCL, started the production of smartphones in our country. Choosing Tekidağ as their headquarters, the duo started production in Çerkezköy OSB in Kapaklı under the brand “TCL”. While the company plans to produce 450 thousand phones annually in the first phase, it will increase its phone production capacity in 2022. aims to increase it up to 1 million.


The world’s largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung, started production in Turkey. Just as TCL

The South Korean technology giant, which has made an agreement with a domestic company such as , “ Sunny” brand. Atmaca Electronics

He shook hands with . Thus, the phones of the company, which started production activities in Turkey, began to take their place in the stores.

(mtag101705) Samsung “Assembled in Turkey”

The first models with the inscription A02S

(mtag101706) and A01 happened.

Well, which of these brands is your favourite?


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