WhatsApp tests multi-device support

WhatsApp is testing a long-awaited and valuable feature whose owner is not even found on Facebook. WhatsApp said it has launched a finite public beta for the new feature.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is a limited generic for enhanced multi-device boost feature. betatest published. Update, WhatsApp users can be used on four devices without opening their registered phones and without being connected to the internet.

WhatsApp will connect each device independently

A company spokesperson, who made statements on the subject, said that each auxiliary device will be connected to the application independently.

The following words were used in the statement made by the platform:

“As all the processes of the phone have to take place, assistive devices are slower and frequently disconnected, especially when the phone has poor contact, low battery, or when the application is terminated by the operating system.

New WhatsAppmulti-device architecture eliminates these kinks and no longer requires a smartphone to be a real resource. Thus, it continues to keep user information synchronized and hidden in a hassle-free and reliable form. ”

There is no plausible date when WhatsApp plans to roll out the new feature to all users. Instead, the firm chose to initially serve the feature to existing beta users. In the coming months, it is claimed that the stable versions of the application will also start adding the beta feature for a small number of users.

On the other hand, the company iPad

A custom app is running for and Snapchat aims to bring the ability to view photos and images at once.


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