WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Released to Beta Users

One of the most requested features by WhatsApp users, multi-device reliance is finally coming true. The app has been dropping hints about multi-device boosting since last year. Accordingly, last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the multi-device boost will be available to everyone in the coming months. The information that emerged in the past days was that studies were carried out to present the multi-device supplement to beta users. The company is now rolling out a mid-device experience for some WhatsApp beta users, as promised.

Facebook announced the finite multi-device fulcrum for WhatsApp beta users the other day. With the multi-device fulcrum, it will now be possible to run WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously. The one-to-one WhatsApp account can be run on up to four non-phone devices. To be more specific, you cannot use one-to-one WhatsApp accounts on more than one phone. But you will be able to use the same account on the Web and Desktop at the same time.

WhatsApp users currently have one-on-one access to messaging from a PC browser and phone. However, in order to use WhatsApp Web, the phone must always be connected to the Internet. This means that WhatsApp Web cannot be used in a place where there is no internet connection and when the phone is discharged. With the new multi-device feature, each auxiliary device will be able to connect to WhatsApp account independently. The company stores chats, contact names, chat archives, starred messages, etc. It also states that they have developed a new architecture to avoid end-to-end encryption being compromised when synchronizing in the middle of devices.

In order to use WhatsApp on multiple devices, non-phone devices will need to be connected by scanning a QR code. WhatsApp will also require biometric authentication as an extra layer of trustee on compatible devices. Users will be able to see all devices connected to their WhatsApp account within the app. At the same time, they will be able to see when these devices were last used and log out remotely.

Finally, let’s mention that the multi-device boost is available with the latest WhatsApp Beta update. There is no information about when the stable version will be available now.

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