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WhatsApp, Google Play Beta Program

Posted via 2. 21. 4. 15 made contact submissions more useful and efficient with the patch. There is no information about when the stable version of the feature, which is currently under development, will be released.

In the beta notes ” Large contact preview” will offer high-quality previews on sent links. The application, which currently fits the previews in four lines with a small photo, is one step closer to Telegram with its new update.

New feature will be available for both Android and iOS

WABetaInfo shared on his Twitter account, although it seems worthless for many users, it is priced very valuable in terms of efficiency. With the new feature, when users want to send a relationship (link) to each other, they will now be able to see what the contact is about without going to the address, thanks to a larger preview.

IOS and Android view of “Large relationship preview”

It will be possible to choose the image quality in WhatsApp

Large relationship preview, WhatsApp is also changing its image quality. As you may remember, it was announced in the news that emerged in the past days that the application will offer the opportunity to choose the image quality.

According to this ” auto, the smoothest quality

(mtag101705) and data saving” will allow you to choose the image quality in three different options. It is said that this feature, which is currently being tested in the beta version, is very popular with users.

According to the new feature, if your internet is low, you can turn on the “data saver” option. When you activate the “Automatic” option, the application will provide the best balance between image quality and internet consumption, depending on the type of contact. WiFi

When you are connected to the network, you will be able to open images with the “best quality” option.


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