WhatsApp Backups Can Be Encrypted End-to-End

WhatsApp, one of the most preferred communication applications, has a huge user base. When this is the case messages security is also the subject of words. As you know in this bet, WhatsApp, from the day it put into practice, end to end encryption puts its way in our eyes, so to speak.

WhatsApp, which makes us feel that our messages are in faith, has previously emphasized one-on-one. backed papers it didn’t. Now we are here to make up for this shortcoming. According to what is seen in the beta version, WhatsApp will now store our backups in an end-to-end encrypted format. But here is a big But‘. Let’s take a look at what this is.

Your messages are permanently lost if you lose the recovery code:

As usual, WhatsApp sends your messages in encrypted form, which prevents an unwanted third party from reading your messages. When you receive a message in this form, the password of the message on your device resolves and you see the message. When you send a paper, the one-to-one process takes place.

The current feature will allow you to store your backups with this formula. When you want to access the backup stored in the cloud previously created

You will be able to do this with the password. But let’s say you forgot your password. At that time Even WhatsApp itself will not be able to recover your messages. But end-to-end encrypted backups encryption keys supports it. This means that if you forget your password, you can use these keys as a last resort to recover your backup.

The password you have also created; It is not shared with Apple, Google, Facebook and WhatsApp. This means that you are entirely responsible for your own password. Multi-device support was also published in the beta version of WhatsApp. Let’s see what more innovations WhatsApp will bring to the application.


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