What Technological Product Would You Want If You Couldn’t Pay Money

Buying a technological work has become very difficult in our country, when we say that it was the exchange rate difference and taxes. From necessities such as smartphones to game consoles or computers everything is very valuable. This causes us to postpone these requirements all the time. The longer you delay, the more valuable everything becomes. This turns into a big cycle.

Well, let’s say you’re lucky enough to own a piece of technology without paying any money. your needs and priorities, or just for your pleasure, Which work would you use this chance for?

Smartphones, electric cars, spaceships:

We asked this question to our followers on Twitter, as we were curious about the answers to come. In addition to the funny and absurd answers, when we evaluate the responses in general, computers, we’ve seen that smartphones, drones, and electric cars are gaining traction and are in demand. Of course, this is not so unexpected, as the price tags for each of these annoying numbers it says.

In addition, the ‘spaceship’ ‘international space station???’ or ‘ buy and sell whatever is most valuable and eat it There were also funny and interesting well-known replies. For those wondering, we’ve compiled some of the most well-known answers to our question. After taking a look at the answers we’ve compiled, if you still haven’t answered our question, don’t forget to share your answers with us in the comments.

If you had the chance to own a technological artifact without paying a price, what would you choose? The most recognizable and funny answers to our question:

What a nice moment we were having, why did you spoil it?


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