We paid for parking without pocketing!

With the developing technology, we have our payment formulas installed. to credit cards and portable assays we translated. But parking, cash usage continues at some points. Mastercard and ISPARK in collaboration parking payment methods also gains practicality.

ShiftDelete. net founder Hakki Alkan

(mtag101705) details the analysis developed by the two major partners. Mastercard Turkey and Azerbaijan Manager Yiğit Çağlayan

with ISPARK General Manager Murat Çakır learned from. Also, Alkan tried the payment analysis in our video.

Mastercard and İSPARK made parking payments practical

The fact that the cash payment method continues in the parking lots is something that many people are not happy about. We share the analysis that changed this situation in our video. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the image without further ado.

Mastercard and ISPARK in parking lot payment formulas Closes the ‘cash’ era. With this analysis, Portable application of İSPARK

(via , Mastercard holders easy easy payment will do. To make the payment by portable technique, only you need to install the application and payment section your credit card you need to add.

Via the app registration processes only once you are doing. Then when you park your vehicle, park time and payment amount will appear automatically. At the same time, we explained the suram and usage phases step by step in our video.

On the other hand, you can use this system in ISPARK car parks located at more than 800 points in Istanbul.


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