We Haven’t Seen 5G Yet, But 6G Studies Have Already Started Elsewhere!

Available in different regions around the world 5G has been used by people for a long time after the test step. Each of the new portable devices introduced in the last period, especially in the smartphone section, 5G supplement exists. However, 5G is not fully available in all countries globally, and our country is in the middle of them. But for researchers, 5G is already getting old. Because 6G has already started work.

The next leg of portable data communication technology will be 6G. Considering that each wireless generation has been used for about 10 years, it is obvious that we have a long time to see concrete examples of 6G. Claims for 6G year 2029, the potential of next-generation connectivity technology is exciting.

With 6G, phones are expected to build a giant bridge between the physical and digital worlds. It is said to be able to quickly detect any device around us. From 6G technology will be especially benefited in the future of augmented reality. As the connectivity infrastructure will expand into new spectrum bands, wireless carriers will be able to transmit much larger data at higher speeds at gigahertz frequencies. So much so that your purpose in the middle of first come information. terahertz spectrum. For example, the download speed of a movie theater over 6G Less than 1 second is claimed to last.

On the other hand, work on 5G continues. Even industry pioneers 5G Advanced and they gave a rumor that 5G Advance could be used in the next 2.5 years.

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