‘We carry out risk analysis and damage assessment completely from mobile’

Tarsim General Manager Serpil Günal said that the company’s vision is to provide the widest coverage to producers and growers in terms of agricultural insurance and that they follow technological developments very closely while working with this vision. Günal, who was a guest of the Financial technology program on Bloomberg HT television, said, “One of the most valuable elements of Tarsim’s system is the risk assessment and damage assessment processes. As Tarsim, we removed the paper from all of these processes and transferred them to the portable application. During the damage operations, the loss adjusters instantly system the processes made on the soil with the portable appraisal application. “They enter and create reports. We have made all this a completely digital process. This also allows us to carry out the damage assessment processes very quickly,” he said.

‘Tarsim portable application makes 200 different processes’

Stating that 200 different processes were carried out with the Tarsim portable application, Günal noted that with the application, producers and breeders were able to report damage for all agricultural insurance branches and meet all kinds of information requests from here. Günal said, “For producers and breeders, there are many functions in the application, such as frequently asked questions, policy deadlines, guarantees, compensation information, and at what stage they are in the damage process.”

‘We implemented the voice policy with augmented reality technology’

Günal stated that as a result of their work with the Insurance Information and Supervision Center, they prepared a menu that shows the closest agencies and regional offices according to the application and the position, underlining that the application is integrated with meteorology and said, “With the integration of meteorology, position-based early warning systems with weather conditions and assumptions can be used. We send it from the application. Therefore, we make a process here in order to minimize the losses of the producers. Agencies, producers and breeders also use this application,” he said. Underlining that they have implemented the voice policy, which is the first in the insurance branch, Günal continued as follows: “There is a barcode in our policies. It can also be accessed from the Tarsim portable application. Producers and breeders can meet with a Tarsim representative with the augmented reality application. Here, which parcel of the customer is insured and how many animals are insured. , what are the guarantees, what are the additional guarantees to be received, how much additional damage compensation can be received. He is a first in this insurance branch.

‘We use drones for fast and practical analysis in large lands’

Emphasizing that they follow the satellite landscapes very closely, Günal said, “We have recently made an integration with the General Directorate of Meteorology. We receive radar information. We conduct important R&D studies in the field of damage analysis, estimations, and landscape process studies. Daily satellite images such as hail, fire, flood, We also use it in the landslide risk analysis and evaluation processes by supporting it with meteorological data.With all the incoming data, we evaluate the issues such as whether the damage is covered by the guarantee, when the damage occurred, whether the fire damage occurred before or after the harvest process, and all the information with an algorithm for damage determination and risk “R&D studies are continuing so that it can work in the detection processes. We compare the images before the damage and the images after the damage. We are trying to create algorithms for detecting the damaged area, determining the damage effect,” he said. Stating that they bought drones for all regional directorates last year, Günal added that they benefited from drones in order to provide practical and fast analyzes for both remote sensing and detection of cultivated artifacts, especially in large places.

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