Volkswagen ID. 8 Announced: Here Are Its Features

German car giant, which has started to care more about electric motor car models in recent years Volkswagen, ID. It announced its new electric-powered SUV model, which it named 8. The company sells in markets such as the United States. Atlas“, which looks like a new version of the model named “ID. 8,” seems to try to compete with the Tesla Model X. Because this vehicle is just like the Tesla Model X. 7 seat option

It can be purchased with .

Volkswagen’s new electric motor SUV model was revealed in a post by Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess on Linkedin. However, the technical features of the vehicle are unfortunately not fully available for now. unknown. The ID found in the post on Linkedin. 8 is expected to be revealed with all its details in the near future.

Volkswagen Atlas looked this way

Volkswagen CEO’s post on Lindedin reveals that the upcoming electric SUV in the global market shows that it will be a model. This means that the vehicle may come to Turkey in the near future. But price and no random information about hardware features. The company will also address this issue when it decides to show its new vehicle.

Herbert Diess shared on Linkedin that Volkswagen’s to electric motor vehicles also explained how he looked. According to the share, the company expects that the electric motor car segment will continue until 2025. number one wants to be. That’s why company officials mentioned that they want to reach the widest electric motor vehicle portfolio ever, ID. 8 SUV model also part of this plan


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