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Twitter introduced many new features this year. In the midst of upcoming innovations, there is a study on emojis. However, it is not known when it will be published. The expected, especially relevant, final details have begun to leak onto the internet.

All emojis to come to Twitter have been prepared

Twitter web app

Working on several new features for . May

at the end of 9to5Mac, on tweetr’s ‘ Congratulations‘,’ Idea‘,’ Sorry‘ and ‘ Laughter‘ announced that they rolled up their sleeves for their reaction. graphic designer Nima Owji prepared all the emojis. This feature emerges iMessage

It was likened to .


https://twitter. com/nima_owji/status/1411582017263767556

In order for users to use emojis, ‘ Like‘ button is thought to have to be pressed for a long time. There is currently this type of usage on more than one social media site. Although the system seems to be ready, it has not been officially announced when the company’s feature will be released.

owji, Twitter

For web application of Fleet

(mtag101705) and Twitter Spaces

He also stated that he is working on . Currently, if someone adds a Fleet, users on Twitter’s website side cannot see them. However, this situation is said to change soon.

Finally, the company took a way to make it easier for the user to find the message they are looking for. No longer DM search, clusters

(mtag101705) and personals will be searched in different parts.

Developer Nima Owji, Twitter, on the contrary, finds these features with the engineering method. In addition, this year Twitter; Spaces, Tip Jar, Twitter Blue

(mtag101705) and Superior Follow offers many features. For the first time, the company revealed that Twitter is a platform that will allow content creators to make money.

The absence of the angry emoji raises questions

2 months ago Jane Manchun Wong showed all the emojis in a tweet. In the middle of the reflections angry‘ emoji was not included. Everyone had questions about why it wasn’t. However, considering that this feature is at the testing stage, it is likely to be added in the near future.

You Twitter

What do you think about the new features of ?


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