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It is on the agenda with the official approval of fake accounts. Twitter has made a new breakthrough in maximizing the user experience. especially in the last period cyberbullying in the virtual world increased significantly, feeling in faith

Current answer for restrict feature some more expansion decision

(mtag101705) domain Twitter, with this attack, aims to completely block the way of cyberbullies.

First announced last year

The Twitter world is quite large in response to a tweet you sent in some cases dozens of spam notifications is likely to come. Unfortunately in this case not every statement has enough intention considering cyberbullying is almost inevitable happens.

At this point, Twitter, aim to improve users’ security over the past year announced a new feature. With this feature, users before posting a random tweet Using the options ‘Anyone can reply’, ‘Individuals followed’ and ‘Individuals mentioned only’ possible to restrict future replies was having.


https://twitter. com/TwitterSafety/status/1415025551773892608

After the termination of responding individuals, Twitter decided to expand this feature further, as many users began to report that they now use the platform more comfortably and without being cyberbullied. As it will be remembered, it was launched for the first time last year. feature, just before tweeting was available. In other words, it was not possible to make any random changes after tweeting.

From today, users restricting response even after tweeting will have the possibility to change its options. In this way, the user will be able to restrict the responses of unwanted individuals in cases where the options are forgotten to be set.


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