Turkish Engineers Break New Year With This NFT Project

The worldwide spread of NFT has also mobilized Turkish engineers. Engineers who developed a project called Timeandspacetraveller (space and time traveller) want to make a difference in the digital world by transforming every minute of 365 days into NFT by signing an element because time-concept NFTs are popular. According to the news in DHA, individuals will be able to upload photos and images of themselves or their relatives on the minutes they buy in the project. The engineer team, which also develops a game for their projects, said that they are designing a game where those who are interested can buy NFT by winning.

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Computer Engineer Umut Gergün from the project group said that while the world is talking about blockchain technology, they also want to be involved in this business. Expressing his thoughts on the technology they developed, Gergün said, “NFT is the addressing of objects on the internet on the blockchain. Many projects are being developed in this area,” he said.

“Everything Can Be NFTized”

Gergün said that they developed their own project called Timeandspacetraveller, in fact, everything imaginable can be NFTized, they NFT all the minutes in 365 days in a year, and they aim to enable people to buy these minutes and sell them at the same time:

“After purchasing the time they want, when the moment comes, they can place any image or photograph they want in that minute. ”

Explaining that they will place activities in those minutes for each day and that individuals will have the chance to participate in the activities of that day, Gergün said:

“They can get the opportunity to participate in the New Year’s event, to participate in Formula 1, to go to the NBA. The NFT purchased will always have a counterpart. Individuals who buy NFT will have the chance to participate in the events that are happening that day. We also developed the world’s first 3D NFT mining game so that people can play and win NFT. The demo of the game has been released. The project continues, it will be finished in 3.5 months. In the game, the ship in space travels, exploring planets. NFT is collected without paying as planets are discovered. Since NFT is a global payment instrument, our project was just that. We will not be limited to Turkey, we want to be abroad as well. ”

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