Turkey Is One of the Countries Sending the Most ‘Tweet Removal’ Requests

Twitter, one of the world’s largest microblogging sites, belongs to the second half of 2020 transparency report published. The published report states that the platform has been around 3.8 million reveals that he had to remove the post. The reason for the removal of these shares is due to the was complaints. Because the posts contain false information at many points and had the potential to drag people to very different places during the epidemic process.

According to the transparency report published by Twitter, 3.8 million shares were removed in total. 131 thousand belonged to 933 accounts. If users are to unshare these accounts, 38 thousand 524 requests they had sent. The data in Twitter’s report shows that only 6 percent of the removed tweets reached more than 1,000 views. Shares that have been removed 80 percent did not even reach 100 views. The number of views of other posts 100 to 1,000 was changing in the middle.

94 percent of the requests sent came from 5 countries [also in Turkey]

Twitter’s transparency report has a different detail. Platform administrators are aware of the notifications sent to remove a tweet. 94 percent, they announced that they came from only 5 countries. These countries; India, Russia, Japan, Turkey and South Korea.

According to the evaluation made by Twitter, the platform your fake news has a pretty strict enforcement policy on its spread. The executives, who say that this will never change, state that Twitter will never become a bullshit news source. It must be said that this approach is correct. Because especially About the COVID-19 outbreak The rumors that will spread on valuable and not to be underestimated bets can lead societies to be dragged into great chaos.


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