TRT Announcer Called Chiesa ‘Inzaghi’, Social Media Broke Down

Following enthusiastically by football fans EURO 2020 we are now at the last corner and the first semi-final match of the tournament was played this evening between Italy and Spain. Although the competition is not a highly enjoyable competition in terms of location abundance and tempo, the announcer of TRT, the broadcaster of the tournament in Turkey, in the Italy-Spain match Levent Ozcelik brought revel to the game with his unfortunate slip of tongue(!).

Italy, which is in the middle of the most valuable favorites of the tournament, in the 60th minute of the match. Federico Chiesa

With the goal scored by , they took a 1-0 lead against Spain. But announcer Levent Özçelik, the Italian football legend who quit football in 2012, instead of announcing Chiesa’s name as the player who scored the goal. Filippo Inzaghi

He repeatedly announced the name of . As you can imagine, this strange and funny mess has been a great humor tool for social media users who were bored with the pace of the match.

Social media users, who were bored with the pace of the match, took the matter one step further this time and enlarged the slip of language(!) by updating the explanation on Federico Chiesa’s Wikipedia page. As usual, Chiesa Wikipedia on page ” Federico Chiesa is an Italian national football player who plays on the wing. Currently playing for Juventus on loan from Fiorentina“; the explanation was updated in the following form after the mistake, which is the subject of the word:

“Federico Chiesa is an Italian national football player who plays in the wing position. He currently plays for Juventus on loan from Fiorentina. His real name is Inzaghi. The middle row is also called Fernando Torres. “

However, after a short time, this statement was also updated and the name of the football player. Federico Chiesa Inzaghi Del Piero Maldini at the end of the description when updating to ” He likes Levent Özçelik very much. Levo too” added. With the prestige of the moment, both descriptions have been corrected and Chiesa’s brand new Wikipedia description has been added.

Levent Özçelik must have heard that the mistake about the word went viral in the social media, and the experienced announcer apologized to the audience for the mistake he made repeatedly during the match. Levent Özçelik, who has been an announcer at the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship for many years, due to his work accident. good luck sends our wishes, and for giving social media users ‘something’ to enjoy during a boring match thank you.

Some social media posts about Levent Özçelik calling Federico Chiesa Inzaghi


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