Tosuncuk Bomb Arrived Allegedly: He Doubled His Fortune With Bitcoin!

Mehmet Aydın, the name behind Çiftlik Bank, one of Turkey’s most memorable Ponzi scheme events, surrendered to the authorities recently. Meanwhile, it was claimed that he multiplied his money 10 times with Bitcoin, which broke the record in April. Announcing that he would surrender in an image he published, Aydın used the words “I will surrender to the Turkish judiciary of my own will to prove my innocence and victimization”.

It is argued that Mehmet Aydın folded his money with Bitcoin

Aydın, nicknamed “Tosuncuk”, fled to Uruguay in 2018, collecting 511 million liras from thousands of people. According to the news in the mainstream, Aydın invested 500 million lira of this money he collected into Bitcoin. BTC, which was 6 thousand dollars in the period he invested, Cryptocoin. com, it peaked in April and saw 64 thousand dollars. On this occasion, according to the arguments, Mehmet Aydın’s wealth increased from 500 million lira to 5 billion lira. It is claimed that Aydın plans to pay the victims with this profit he made with his BTC investment. It is reported that the “Tosuncuk”, which was delivered to the Turkish Consulate General in Sao Paulo, Brazil, will be brought to Turkey in the coming days.

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