Top 10 smartphone brands announced: 2021 2nd quarter



In these days when we left the first half of the year behind, statistics on technology began to emerge. In the smartphone market, which is one of the heaviest markets in the branch, the stability seems to have changed a lot these days, as we enter the third quarter of the year.

According to the information of 91mobiles, the results are quite surprising in the top 10 smartphone brands. Accordingly, while the giant names of the technology market have regressed significantly, China‘s well-known brands take the first place.

Chinese brands intimidate their competitors

Continuing its rise rapidly with the momentum it has achieved in the last period, Xiaomi is in the leading seat of the most well-known smartphone list. Xiaomi is quickly followed by another Chinese brand, Realme. The giant name of South Korea, the world-renowned brand Samsung, sits in the third place in the second quarter of the year, falling behind its Chinese competitors in the list of recognized smartphones.

Apple, which recently introduced the newest operating systems and software products with its WWDC event, is entering the third quarter of the year with a heartbreaking ninth place in the most well-known smartphone market.

Here is the full list of the 10 most recognized smartphone brands in the second quarter of the year:

  1. Xiaomi
  2. realme
  3. Samsung
  4. vivo
  6. OPPO
  7. motorola
  8. Infinix
  9. Apple
  10. TECNO


https://twitter. com/91mobiles/status/1411331394635190277

What are your opinions about the most well-known smartphone brands? Why do you think Apple is so far behind? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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