TikTok broke new ground after Facebook



Social media platform TikTok, has achieved a valuable success. Chinese ByteDance

The well-known application of also achieved a first with its success.

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According to the analysis information shared by TikTok, worldwide 3 billion has succeeded in breaking the download threshold. thus TikTok 3 billion

It became the first application to pass the number of without being connected to Facebook.

TikTok top grossing in 2021

In the midst of companies whose number of the subject of the word was mentioned before, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Facebook was located. The development reveals how big an audience the application is. The platform was also the top-grossing app in the first half of 2021 when games were removed from the equation.

TikTokin this era 383 million downloaded times. The number is also claimed in consumer spending. $919.2 million corresponds to. In addition, the first place in the scale of growth from quarter to quarter is related to the social media platform.

Sensor Tower

All numbers set by , ByteDance‘s sub-company App Store that it is quite strong and YouTube

with Snapchat, which means that it overshadows big-name companies.

Undoubtedly, the innovations that TikTok has brought have had an impact on its success. Because the platform has increased the time it takes for all content creators to produce images from one and a half minutes to three minutes. The new feature, which will be available to everyone shortly, will allow creators to share more full posts through their feeds.


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