This Historic Fractal Indicates An Unprecedented Cycle In Bitcoin!

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As we have reported as , Bitcoin price is seeing a process through a narrow range. However, according to an analyst, looking at the historical volatility of BTC, a fractal pattern may be forming, showing that the BTC price is about to rise to unprecedented heights. The expert points out that this fractal is related to the change in volatility. Here are the details…

Crypto expert: This Bitcoin fractal could send price into the hills

According to crypto expert Tony Spilotro, when we look at the historical volatility indicator in weekly timeframes, we can see that an old BTC pattern has emerged. During the previous bull market, which, according to the expert, was clear that the current cycle did not follow much in terms of “upward” price action, volatility was finally held above a key level after one of the biggest tremors, starting the last leg of the bull market.

Anyone who assumed that this was the climax of the cycle, according to Spilotro, would be left in the dust as Bitcoin provides more than 900% ROI and volatility becomes parabolic. But Bitcoin is back, trying to stay above a very precedent reinforcement line, and if it succeeds, it should send back volatility along a parabolic curve along with price action. According to the expert, this will mark the top of the current bull cycle around December, which has historically been a precious peak or bottom point every year since 2017.

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