This Altcoin Announces Million Dollar Hackathon! Here are the details…

It is called “Hackathon” to produce projects within a certain time limit and in teams, based on competition. In areas such as graphic design or software, groups try to produce the best content in limited time. The fact that cryptocurrencies are digital and include authorities such as design, software, Blockchain is effective in the frequent realization of Hackathon events. The announcement of altcoin Harmony, which will take place in the coming months, is as follows…

Altcoin project Harmony Blockchain calls out to developers

The hackathon will run for approximately six weeks, from August 15 to September 30, and will feature four challenges from three different categories. Harmony Blockchain is opening registrations for a hackathon that will start next month with more than $1 million in supplementary funding and rewards for contributors. You can follow the developments on the official Twitter account of the project.

announced on July 15 that the hackathon will focus on bringing more people than classical finance to the challenges that connect their fields and DeFi. The protocol reports that there will be four challenges in each cross-border category, with social wallets and keyless security, cross-chain and unreliable bridges, and fintech integration.

Harmony: Finance on blockchain is where we see the artifact market fit

Believing that blockchain will house the financial world of the future, Harmony announces that they want to include more people in this field than classical finance and make DeFi more understandable:

But many of DeFi’s were created by people who didn’t come from classical finance. We want to bring in more TradFi (individuals interested in traditional finance) to contribute to DeFi. We know they have a lot to teach us, and we can help them understand and use the power of DeFi, and we can help teach them a lot.

Additionally, SushiSwap developer Omakase, Earn. com co-founder Lily Liu will be one of the prominent speakers or delegation members for the event, along with DeFi Alliance leader Imran Khan and others. Sponsors include CoinGecko, Messari, Unstoppable Domains, DappRadar, SushiSwap, DoraHacks, news platform The Defiant, and Hummingbot.

In Short, What Is Harmony?

Harmony’s mainnet, a trustless sharing protocol with an Ethereum bridge that segments its blockchain into segments that process processes and stores data in parallel, first went live in 2019. The project has since announced multiple partnerships and integrations for its token, including stablecoin platform Terra.

Currently, Harmony says it will sponsor the hackathon with the goal of reaching 10 billion people last month. Lineups for the event will be limited to 5 individuals and registration will close on August 15. The event will run for approximately six weeks, from the deadline of September 30.

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