They hacked Apex Legends for Titanfall: It’s time to talk!

Titanfallfans, developer of the game Respawn

To get the attention of Apex Legends hacked. The move attracted a lot of attention.

Tired of the cheats in Titanfall, players hacked Apex Legends, another game of Respawn, and published complaint statements. to Apex Legends PC

Players logging in via savetitanfall. com

It came across the URL of your site .

Titanfall players: It’s time to talk

On the other hand, with the end of each match, players also receive a notification asking them to visit the site, which has been online since March 2021. Players affected by the problem are problematic. Because other game modes cannot be accessed.

In the statement made on the related website, “Titanfall is a series that is loved by many. However, the problems created by hackers are increasing. Titanfall has been begging Respawn to fix the problem for over three years now. But in vain. Today, the game is sold, although it is completely unplayable. It’s time to speak.”

However, it was stated that the problem has been going on for years, but Respawn pretended that the problem never happened. Developer Respawn did not comment on the incident. The main reason for the lack of interest is assumed to be the inability to get enough money from Titanfall.

on the other hand Apex Legends has been struggling with hackers for a while. Because players are geared towards ranked pursuits. DDoS reported that their attacks increased. Respawn, on the other hand, promised to make great strides to solve the problem.


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