These 6 Altcoin Investors Attention: Here Are the Striking Developments…

36. After making a daily top of $0.06, Bitcoin has corrected and is trading at $33,970. BTC is struggling to sustain the critical support of $33,500. However, according to analysts, if BTC fails to hold this foothold, the next targets are the $32,000 and $31,000 regions. In the middle, Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, is trading close to $2,274. Let’s examine some different altcoin news in detail for today…

1- Leading altcoin Ethereum’s active addresses surpass Bitcoin amid EIP-1559 upgrade!

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, has surpassed Bitcoin in terms of the total number of active addresses per day, reaching a significant milestone. Also, active addresses show the total number of senders and recipients for a reasonable cryptocurrency. Santiment reported last week that leading altcoin ETH took the lead in active addresses for the first time compared to Bitcoin.

The Ethereum platform is very flexible and has a wide variety of use cases such as NFT auctions, decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, and more. Additionally, Ethereum’s Beautification Proposition (EIP)-1559 will be introduced in July, accelerating its adoption.

2 – OpenOcean receives strategic investment from Huobi Ventures Blockchain fund

OpenOcean announced that it will receive a strategic investment from the Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund. Also, OpenOcean is a chairman full aggregator that provides access to crypto trading and provides liquidity pools for both DeFi and CeFi. As a DeFi aggregator, OpenOcean will launch mid-chain protocol aggregation and support mid-chain exchanges at the best price.

Additionally, OpenOcean will bring forward more CeFi and DeFi works such as derivatives, lending and insurance works. Moreover, these innovative solutions will benefit users with higher capital efficiency and beneficial profits from advanced trading strategies. The team also noted that the OpenOcean protocol has reached a valuable milestone with more than 200,000 active unique addresses. Subsequently, over 730 thousand total processes were carried out, amounting to roughly 2 billion USDT in process volume.

3-Litentry and MathChain partnership to increase DID adoption in DeFi wallet

Litentry has partnered with MathChain to expand adopting DID in DeFi wallet . MathChain is a Layer 2 Polkadot smart wallet money chain based on Substrate. Litentry is a mid-chain identity aggregation protocol that connects identity computation across multiple networks. The team will explore new opportunities collaboratively to adopt Decentralized Identity (DID) in DeFi and mid-chain markets. In turn, Litentry users can access MathChain’s diversified credentials.

Specifically, the Litentry group will develop a new interface that will feature features such as ID collection, viewing a user’s NFT collection, award-winning metals, and more. In addition, Litentry will also integrate MathChain’s identity data into the Litentry Network. This integration will transform MathWallet’s DeFi user profile into verifiable credentials and become a more reliable data source for decentralized applications.

4 – NFTify announces big launch in July with impressive features

NFTify announced its big launch in July. According to the tweet, the group has implemented exciting new features. These features include profile settings, customized category settings, order customization with users’ currency selection, and more.

NFTify is a one-stop shop for designing an effective NFT marketplace and brand. It is a new generation NFT e-commerce platform that helps in highly trustworthy, transparent and copyright protected NFT processes. So, these useful features will elevate its platform and expand its adoption.

5- Sentinel’s dVPN network live on Cosmos, the altcoin known for advanced features

In the latest altcoin news for today, we are announcing that Sentinel has published its dVPN network on Cosmos. According to the tweet, this decentralized virtual private network (dVPN) was launched with over 20 community members hosting exit nodes based on WireGuard.

Sentinel Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) bandwidth marketplace. Sentinel integrates with a random Blockchain or dApp to provide users with both implied and censorship resistance. With this upgrade, the new dVPN network in Cosmos is available via the command line interface (CLI). This upgrade will further improve its cloak and bounty features. Additionally, the team has plans to launch full-fledged desktop apps.

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