The World Famous Platform Lists This Altcoin! Price Jumped

The well-known financial platform Revolut is listing a new altcoin. Revolut recently announced that it has added reinforcements for its Cartesi (CTSI) tokens. After Revolut’s announcement, there was a jump in the price of the cryptocurrency.

Recognized financial platform Revolut lists a new altcoin

The line between the traditional banking realm and the cryptocurrency space is getting more blurred. This time around, P2P digital banking platform Revolut is adding Cartesi (CTSI) tokens to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. This is excellent news for the entire altcoin project Cartesi’s ecosystem, as Revolut’s estimated 15 million users will be able to trade and send CTSI tokens. This is why recent developments facilitate more use cases as well as greater adoption of Cartesi tokens.

Alternately, the financial institution has recently started showing interest in blockchain and crypto. In parallel, the platform has recently started showing reinforcements for cryptocurrencies via blog posts. The financial platform plans to be the pacemaker in the next technological revolution.

The price of the cryptocurrency jumped after the listing announcement

In line with its plans to support the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Revolut has listed the Cartesi (CTSI) supplement on its financial platform. It is also worth noting that Revolut is one of the world’s leading financial apps. Currently, the app has more than 15 million users and an estimated 100 million completed processes each month.

The group of the altcoin project is reacting to this listing with enthusiasm. They also added that they are looking forward to the numerous benefits that are expected to occur due to the listing on Revolut. After the listing announcement, the price of the cryptocurrency jumped. CTSI price rose from $ 0.389 to $ 0.407 levels. These numbers represent a 5% increase in the altcoin. At the time of writing, the altcoin seems to have withdrawn its interests.

Brief information about Cartesi and Revolut

Cryptocurrency project Cartesi is known for its innovative optimistic rollups and side chains. Focusing on improving scalability, the Blockchain platform is a multi-chain Layer 2 feature designed to help software developers create smart contracts while using traditional software tools.

Cryptocoin. com, on the other hand, Revolut is a P2P digital banking platform focused on building the world’s first financial Superapp. Revolut first launched in the UK in 2015 and offered money transfer and exchange services to interested users.

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