The sharing of the Ministry was an event on social media!



T. C. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism shared good news for Müzekart on Twitter on Sunday, July 4th. While it was shared that a valuable opportunity was created for students and teachers in the post; At the same time, a news was given that would make citizens over the age of 65 happy.

The main event that caused this sharing to make a big impact on the social media was due to the interesting flaw in the photo in the tweet. The Galata Tower photo on the card was downloaded free of charge from the internet and carried a watermark containing the source of the image.

Ministry used stock images in Müzekart sharing

The tweet in question was based on the information that Müzekart would be free for teachers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education and our citizens under the age of 18 and over the age of 65. In addition, it was added that the annual visit fee for other citizens was 60 TL. However, internet users who examined the photo closely saw the words “nexus 7” and “stock” written in reverse on the image.

This detail, which attracted great attention in the social media in a short time, drew great criticism. While it is understood that the image was taken from Shutterstock and the royalty price was not paid; It has become a matter of curiosity whether there is such a mistake in the physical form of the aforementioned card image. While some users think that this is a flaw made by social media managers and graphic designers; he just said that this problem exists in mock-up form.


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