The serial production date of the domestic car has been announced!

Turkey’s Car Enterprise Cluster (TOGG) is now a limited time left. Company, domestic car

He announced the date we will meet to his followers in the image-reinforced post he shared on Twitter yesterday.

According to the information disclosed TOGG release date started to become clear. If there is no mishap, the domestic car At the end of 2022 announced that mass production will begin. In addition, the construction started July 18, 2020, which includes what the company has done since 1-year study summary image was included.

https://twitter. com/TOGG2022/status/1415372807341592580

At the top In 1 minute 47 second image

As can be seen , TOGG spent its first year of hard work. Although there were details about the release date of the vehicle in our country, it was unclear when it would reach abroad. Finally, a statement came from the company regarding this issue.

TOGG’s first stop abroad will be the Western European market

TOGG CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş spoke to Sputnik about the highly anticipated export efforts. Karakaş, the vehicle from the last quarter of 2022 In Gemlik Facilities saying that it will start mass production; innate, which is the first work of the company at the same time domestic C-SUV vehicle, first in the Turkish market after the production, and two years later. West Europe announced that it will be available for sale to the market.

TOGG, which will open to Europe after 2025, will implement a diffusion policy depending on the prevalence of the charging infrastructure. Moreover, according to the information given by Karakaş, Spain is also in the field of view of the company within the European market…


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