The never-released version of Cyberpunk 2077 appeared

Cyberpunk 2077 has been the object of criticism arrows since its launch. Who released the game with errors CD Projekt RED has dealt with many cases. In the process, the company released various fallacy updates for the game.

a recently YouTuber messed with the game’s documentation, reaching an unreleased version. You can also access this version if you want. Besides Cyberpunk 2077

More than one feature of has been found that has been abandoned since then.

Cyberpunk 2077’s lost documents revealed

Cyberpunk 2077

Latest find at YouTuber Tyler McVicker

Came from . McVicker’s discoveries Night City suggests that various vendors floating around are actually supposed to sell items to the player.

Traveling vendors‘, as the individuals in the Night City were marked as unused on the map, he came to the conclusion that some shop owners might be wandering in the city. Just as at the beginning of the map 3D and should give more precise party information if you’ve targeted a building.

The above discovery shows that the developers are struggling in terms of time. It seems that there are problems in different parts of the game due to the priority given to bug fixes at more valuable points.

By deleting all the update documents in the game and cutting the internet contact of the platform you are using. September

You can access the version. The patch version, which was prepared before the first day of production, is incomplete in more than one area. But December includes more content than the development coming in month.

Developments continue in production

Cyberpunk 2077

Although many problems were found in , improvements are ongoing. In his last statements Adam Kicinski announced that they will resolve players’ complaints. Even in the past few days PlayStation manufacture PlayStation Store added back to its structure.

You Cyberpunk 2077

What do you think about ? Do you think he needed a little more time?


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