The move from Riot Games to solve the biggest problem of publishers

The number one stop of game content creators, Twitch applies strict rules about copyright to publishers. It even detects those who play music during the live broadcast, sends a warning and warns that it will cause copyright infringement. The most concrete solution to this situation, which is a nightmare for publishers, came from Riot Games.

The California-based game production and distribution company has opened its music library that Twitch streamers can fearlessly use in their footage.

Riot Games album is home to 37 music

The foundation of Riot Games, with the contributions of artists such as Chromonicci and Junior State, in total 37 modules of instrumental beats

The resulting album was released under the name Sessions: Vi. The copyrights of the music in the list, which can be accessed from Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube, are completely free. The creators randomly without fear of violation will be able to use it in their publications.

This breakthrough of Riot Games will greatly relieve Twitch streamers. Since last year, Twitch has been putting heavy pressure on creators, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) rules are not enough unpublishing images wanted. In fact, the company, which is aware of the problem, personally developed it. Twitch Soundtrack offered dozens of royalty-free music. However, this strategy was not very successful.

Published by Riot Games Sessions: Vi contains 37 songs in total, each of which is between 2 and 3 minutes long.

What are your intentions in this matter? Is Twitch right to put so much pressure on streamers? How can the copyright issue be resolved? Do not forget to share your comments in the area below.


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