The most successful TED talks watched by millions

Your motivation in your business life keep it highOne of the ways is to listen to the stories of successful people. This can be a key to boosting both your motivation and your self-confidence. TED is one of the occasions where these talks take place. Viewed millions of times best TED talks

Our list can give you an idea of ​​who to listen to.

Best TED talks

Replays of TED presentations are also posted on YouTube. We have compiled the most liked speeches of the audience for you.

Best TED talks: Emrah Safa Gürkan – Learning to Learn

The presentation where the speaker questions the learning of knowledge in our age is on YouTube More than 619 thousand is displayed. however, 18 thousand times also liked.

Emin Çapa – Why Doesn’t Water Have Buoyancy in Turkish Baths?

This presentation of Emin Çapa, one of the most watched TED speakers, is one of the most admired speeches at the same time. of your image Close to 4 million display and 82k likes exists.

TED talks

The best TED talks: Cem Say – Robots Without Prejudice

Cem Say’s speech on artificial intelligence is one of Ted’s most important speeches on the technologies of the future. 230 thousand viewed video, 2. 7 thousand times also liked.

Aslı Şafak – To go or not to stay, to go or flee?

Presentation by Aslı Şafak in 2017 1. more than 5 milliondisplayed and 5. more than 6 thousand times liked.

Aslı Şafak – We spend by proxy, we eat by proxy

Aslı Şafak’s other speech, “We Spend By Proxy, We Eat By Ownership”, was uploaded to YouTube in 2016. of your image Close to 1 million displaying and close to 3 thousand also has a like.

Emin Capa – O Human, Where Did You Lose Your Conscience?

This presentation of Emin Çapa is also in the middle of the most adequate TED talks. Your presentation questioning the point of humanity 1. 2 million display and 22k likes exists.

Saffet Emre Tonguç – Don’t Live in Istanbul Experience Istanbul

Saffet Emre Tonguç’s presentation, which will make people living in Istanbul question what he is doing, was viewed 137 thousand times on YouTube and liked 2 thousand times.

Ahmet Naç – You are Atatürk, is your hand bleeding?

Emphasizing that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s real profession was teaching, not military service, Ahmet Naç takes us to the first grade of primary school with his story. The presentation, which has been watched more than 3 million times, has 100 thousand likes.

Do you have any TED presentations you recommend? We are waiting your comments.


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