The most rising and falling stocks in the stock market today

Investing. com –  Closed yesterday at 1,372 points with 1.27% decrease BIST 100 started the last day of the week with an increase of 0.11% at 1,374 points. The index, which rose to 1,381 points in the first hour of the session, is near the opening level in the last hour. Despite the sales in the global markets this week, the monthly return of the index, which experienced a finite decline, is 1%. 5.

spent the month of June positively separated BIST Banks is trying to hold on 1.200 points today after losing 1% yesterday.

One of the leading indices traded in the stock market on the last trading day of the week. BIST Leasing and Factoring, BIST Real Estate Investment Subsidiaries, BIST Sports and BIST Tourism 1% down BIST Easy Metals, on the other hand, is positively differentiated with 1.5% premium.

The top five shares that rose the most in the first half of the day:

  • Ekiz Chemical Industry and Trade Inc. TEAM, the benefit of the share rising to May level, together with today’s rise, is close to 8% this week.
  • Sanifoam Sünger Sanayi ve Ticaret A. Ş. SANFM, the share that continued to rise in the 4th week is at the highest level in 4 months and has a 14% premium on a weekly basis.
  • (mtag101702) Silverline Industry and Ticaret A. Ş. SILVR, the weekly benefit of the share, which saw the highest post-May share with its rise yesterday and today, is 18%.

  • (mtag101702) Anel Electric Proje Taahhüt ve Ticaret A. Ş. ANELE, the share, which continued its decline from the peak in April, in June, has a premium close to 10% this week.

  • Diriliş Dokumacılık Sanayi ve Ticaret A. Ş. DIRIT, the share is down 7% this week despite today’s rise.

The top five shares that fell the most:

  • Fade Food Investment Industry and Trade Inc. FADE, the share that lost a lot of blood this week is 25% lost.
  • Sinpas Real Estate Investment Partnership A. Ş. ( SNGYO, the share fell by 17% this week following the rise in the mid-June 29-July 6th.
  • Idealist Danışmanlık A. Ş. IDEAS, the weekly loss of the share, which declined in the 3rd week, is 12%.
  • Vakif Menkul Değer Yatirim Subsidiary A. Ş. VKFYO, the share’s loss this week is 4%.
  • Senkron Security and Liaison Systems Inc. SNKRN, the share’s loss this week is 2.5%.

With the prestige of the last hour, the total transaction volume in the stock market is quite low 7 billion.

Author: Deniz Engin

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