The Most Powerful Weapon In Warzone After Update Announced

Featured in 2020 Call of Duty: Warzone, thanks to the updates it always receives, it is a problem for players to get used to it. A player who says he has memorized the full game has to update his knowledge of the game with the arrival of an innovation again. The last update of the game caused the same situation. A player shared a new ‘best’ of the game with the players.

Professional CoD player NICKMERCS has shared the game’s new best automatic rifle, after an update that drastically changed the weapon characteristics. According to NICKMERCS, the C58 is the most beautiful weapon to use in this category.

“Warzone players should use C58”

Call of Duty: Warzone received the new ‘Season 4 Reloaded’ update 3 days ago. With the update The TTK of the weapons in the game (the minimum time they can kill the opponent) has been changed. The common change seen for all weapons was a reduction in kill speed. Because the players were complaining that the weapons were too strong and the opponent would die quickly. But the power stability in the middle of the weapons has changed as well as the jointly reduced face.

With CoD footage, YouTuber NICKMERCS recommended Warzone players to use the C58. The weapon, which was previously seen as weak in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone, gained a lot of power compared to YouTuber’s trials. NICKMERCS saying that the C58 is by far the best weapon in the game stated that the weapon will soon become one of the most popular in the game. You can see the views of the use of the gun and the words of the YouTuber, which is the subject of the word, from the image above.


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