The most dangerous messaging apps revealed

Messaging apps is in the middle of the aims that cyber hackers frequently attack for stealing personal information and fraud. In this context Kaspersky, on Android devices most dangerous messaging apps

He published a study under the title . In addition, in which countries the most it has been determined that users are exposed to attacks.

In the midst of the most dangerous messaging apps, WhatsApp was the top

Fast and no pricemessaging applications are well known among the people. But security

We have witnessed again and again that many applications have weaknesses at the point . Especially WhatsApp information security has been in the middle of the agenda of our country lately. According to Kaspersky’s research, WhatsApp turned out to be the most dangerous messaging application.

The most dangerous messaging apps at the top of the list WhatsApp, phishing attacks 89.6 percent. Telegram is in the second place with 5.6 percent, and Viber is in the third place with 4.7 percent. your list the most robust, on the other hand, with a 1 percent attack rate. Google Hangouts happened. Russia, Brazil and India

The users in were the ones who suffered the most from the attacks.

The data of the report are; It consisted of devices with secure messaging Android and Kaspersky’s version of Internet Security. On the other hand, during the working time Kaspersky, 91. 242 detected an attack incident.


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