The Impact of Euro 2020 on Internet Traffic Was Unexpected!

And Euro 2020 completed. In this cup, after 53 years, once again Italy while taking the championship, his opponent in the final England, on the other hand, achieved the success of making the final match for the first time. The excitement shared by the whole world, of course, has had a significant impact on internet usage. According to the research Euro 2020, internet traffic has increased many times over.

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According to the data shared by , internet usage in the UK at the time the final match was broadcast

(mtag101702)1. 84 floors increased. This is the result in England, which already makes a valuable contribution to sports broadcasting, while in Italy the situation is more striking. Internet usage in Italy on the day of the final match is exactly the norm of traffic to local sports sites on a normal day in the country. 3. up to 27 times elevated.

But what is more surprising is that those who bet on Euro 2020 matches attract the most attention rather than the final match. Italy – Spain competition. In the semi-final match played in the middle of Italy and Spain, the visit to the betting websites was full of the usual level.

(mtag101702)2. 53 times has reached the level.

Of course, the interest in Euro 2020 was not only from the audience and the bookies. Cyber ​​bugs also showed heavy interest in Euro 2020, and cyber bugs’ attacks on online accounts and personal information exactly 3 times is out. According to information from a cybersecurity company, Imperva, it was shown that the scale of cyberattacks increased throughout the tournament, peaking in the first elimination type in late June.

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