The expected Galaxy S21 FE will be “more colorless” than the Galaxy S20 FE

The postponement decision announced for the Galaxy S21 FE seems to have led to an increase in leaks. Finally, Android Headlines is a tool that clearly reveals the colors we can choose from and Galaxy S21 FE 5G

He posted an “official looking” image online displaying . According to the image, the phone will be on the shelves in 4 different colors: gray, light green, light purple and white.

There is nothing new in these sights as we have seen renders of the phone in all these color tones before. Thus, the claim that Samsung will not offer as many color options for the Galaxy S21 FE as it does in the Galaxy S20 FE is getting stronger. The Galaxy S20 FE was available in six different color options, with at least five of which were launched in all markets.

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The biggest disappointment is the lack of a red version, as we don’t see this color quite often in Samsung’s major smartphone lineup.

The global chip shortage upsets the availability of artifacts in all kinds of industries, and Rumors that the Galaxy S21 FE may not be released outside the US and Europe was already frustrating enough for those waiting for the phone. Even if the color options have decreased, we can at least be happy with the Galaxy S21 FE being offered for sale. . .

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