The expected feature with the iPhone 13 may finally come!

In the Android world experimental features, although we are used to seeing it, the situation is not so much for iPhones. Apple often doesn’t use a feature without making it extremely stable. The company has adopted this policy for years, and although users are offered a stable experience, some features are missing. One of these shortcomings is always on screen feature may finally arrive with iPhone 13.

Expecting always on screen with iPhone 13

According to the argument of solid sources, iPhone fans have been waiting for years always on screen innovation will be found in the next generation. Although we have seen this innovation with the Apple Watch before, it did not come for iPhones. It seems that the spell will be broken and a new iPhone 13 features will be added.

Always on screen, when the screen is off; time, date, battery status and notifications is a technology that displays icons. The reason behind our characterizing this easy view as a technology is the screen technology. In OLED-based display technologies, black pixels are not burned at all instead of being burned as black. In this way, great power savings are achieved. on the occasion always on screen feature will use very little power and will keep you always aware of notifications.

Always on screen

We expect the iPhone 13 to bring about a display revolution. Compared to previous thesis, the new generation iPhone, 120Hz ProMotion will come with display technology. When an iPhone came out, it was a bad experience for the players to install the screens at 60Hz refresh rate, despite the most powerful processor inside. Finally 120Hz display

(mtag101705) and powerful processor will be combined.

The next-generation iPhone’s name isn’t solidified. However, these arguments in autumn for the new iPhone we will meet. We’ll hear more precise details about the device as we get closer to the fall.


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