The chip crisis worked for Samsung! The company expects profit



The problem of chip shortage, which is experienced all over the world and causes valuable disruptions, seems to have worked for Samsung. South Korean tech giant Samsung, quarterly profit due to chip hassle 53 percent said he expects it to increase.

Currently the world’s largest manufacturer of memory chips and smartphones. Samsung, for three months as of the end of June $11 billion stated that it predicts operating profit.

Samsung fell at the beginning of the epidemic

Made by the tech giant in the description said that strong demand for memory chips is offsetting weak device sales due to a lack of components. In the first few months of the epidemic that started a year ago, Samsung experienced noticeable decreases in the sales of its products, such as phones and televisions.

Since then, while many chip manufacturers have struggled to respond to demand, demand for electronic devices and components has increased as people change more of their lives online.

If the numbers the company mentions are confirmed at the end of the month, Samsung’s 2018

since biggest second quarter profit will have come true.

In recent months, computer chip makers, in particular, have had much more power to raise their prices when the chip crush hits. March co-general manager and head of portable production at Samsung Koh Dong-Jin, on the other hand, addressed its shareholders and said, “There is a significant imbalance in chip supply and demand in the IT department globally.”

Dong-Jin also said that the company is working with overseas partners to meet demand as global shortages are causing supply disruptions.


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