The cases of the iPhone 13 series were leaked in blood!

As the end of the year approaches the truth, leaks about Apple’s new phones have increased considerably. The iPhone 13 series, which is always on the agenda with different details, will probably be launched at the event that will take place in September.

While approaching the introduction date of the devices without mistake, this time case images appeared. Chinese sources revealed the image of the new cases showing the design of the iPhone 13 series. In this way, the design of the devices was confirmed once again.

iPhone 13 series will come with larger camera module

According to the prominent information, the iPhone 13 series; The iPhone 13 will come as the small, the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The company will continue the quartet ranking in the iPhone 12 series on its new smartphones. While the design of the devices has appeared in many render images before, this time the image of matching cases has emerged.

According to the photos above, the iPhone 13 series will come with a renewed camera module. As mentioned in previous news, the dual camera array of the iPhone 13 and the smaller model will have a unique design. The rear camera of the iPhone 13 Pro models is also quite surprising. Because when we look at the picture, it is possible to see that there will be a very large camera module behind the device.

Apple will keep the rectangular triangular frame module design, as in the iPhone 12 series. However, the iPhone 13s will increase this size a little more. When you look carefully, the camera has been adjusted to the extent that it covers almost half of the rear. Of course, it is a matter of curiosity what kind of feeling this will provide to the users.

Coming to the introduction date, Apple will launch these highly anticipated phones in September if there is no mishap. These phones, which will come with a promising processor, will also receive major upgrades on the screen and camera side.


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