The body of the domestic car was displayed for the first time



The first domestic car to go into mass production in our country. Turkey’s Car Enterprise Cluster (TOGG)

New information about continues to come. First place from TOGG’s official Twitter account body assembly photos were shared.

TOGG assembly started in the workshop in Gebze

in the past weeks Informatics Valley

on User Lab

TOGG, which opened , came up with a new news. In the post made on his Twitter account, “Our first body assembled in Gebze with all the cuts produced in our country. Stay tuned. ‘ words were used.

SUV and sedan It is known that two different vehicles will be produced. 200 and 400 hp options will be found and introduced with a range of more than 500 kilometers, information shared by TOGG is in the middle.

TOGG, which wants to gain a market share in Europe, increased its capital in June. 150. 000, 000 TL

from 996. 774,000 TL announced that it was removed. In addition, the formation that stepped into the European branch with a new initiative, TOGG Europe GmbH

It will be known as .


https://twitter. com/TOGG2022/status/1416729471135145984

Company opened in Germany IoT (internet of things), big data (big data), digital workforce and artificial intelligence will carry out studies in the fields.

What do you think about TOGG studies? You can specify your answers in the comments.


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