Tencent to Restrict Kids’ Access to Games at Night with Face Scanning System

Tencent has taken a different step to comply with the rule on limiting young children’s access to video games in China. A facial recognition system called Midnight Patrol has been integrated into more than 60 smartphone games for China, which the company undertakes to publish. If users do not want to do this face control process or if the identification cannot be made real, it will not be possible to access well-known portable games such as Honor of Kings. With the increasing game addiction in children, efforts will be made in this case.

children in the country from 22:00 in the evening to 8:00 in the morning developed to enforce the ban on games up to more convenient Midnight Patrol, will be active in the middle of these hours. When the time of the ban came, the game suddenly interrupted and will ask for face scan. If the system detects someone at a young age, the game is completely closed. In addition, if adults do not pass the face scan, these individuals are asked to try again the next day. In addition, the possibility of circumventing the face scanning system in various ways is also a matter of curiosity. Because this type of verification procedures can be passed with photographs of adults.

Midnight Patrol, the first trials of which were carried out in 2018, will continue in the future. Can cover many games in China. Tencent did not provide technical information on how this system works, nor did it share a list of 60 games. In the future League of Legends and PUBG Mobile, it is in the midst of predictions that games may also be under control in China in this way. We will see in the coming days how useful the procedure used to reduce game addiction, which has grown tremendously in the country, will be. Do not forget to indicate your thoughts on the subject in the comments.

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