Tencent continues to invest in games



Chinese-based company that continues its investments in the gaming world without slowing down. Tencent, signed another memorandum. The company is now also for Sony Sackboy and for Microsoft Crackdown

British developer of Sumo is buying his studio.

Gameindustry. According to the news reported by biz, the Chinese technology giant has closed the studio, in which it has a 8.75 percent share. 1. $27 billion plans to buy in return. Tencent’s offer represents a slice of 43 percent when looking at the value of Sumo in the stock market.

“Tencent is a great opportunity for us”

CEO of the Studio Carl Cavers, in a statement regarding the acquisition, “Other founders Paul Porter and Darren Mills, we are passionate about what we do and are fully committed to maintaining our roles. Tencent

The opportunity to work with is an opportunity we cannot miss. It will bring another dimension to Sumo and provide an opportunity for us to truly put our stamp on this super branch in previously inaccessible situations.”

Cavers also said that the Tencent side is committed to supporting client work and original projects, so that too rapid change is unlikely. Buy Epic, Activision and Riot, it provides Tencent with another opportunity to hold on in the international gaming industry, following the valuable investments made in companies.

Sumo Digital, the core team of Sumo, headquartered in Sheffield, England, has done valuable work in the game world. Studio for PlayStation 5 Sackboy: A Big Adventure, as well as Xbox consoles and PC also for the platform Crackdown 3 undertook the development of.

The studio also in 2017 Snake Pass released for multiple platforms.


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